Charlie Brown wins Florida 1,000 Yard Gong Championship

From left to right: Al Simpler (2nd), Charlie Brown (1st), and Ed Kampsen (3rd)

Myakka City, FL - October 6, 2013 - Congratulations to Charlie Brown for winning the 2013 Florida State 1,000 Yard Gong Championship.

Overall Championship Winners
1stCharlie Brown
2ndAl Simpler
3rdEd Kampsen

Day 1 Final Winners
1stCharlie Brown
2ndEd Kampsen

Day 1 Relay Winners
Chris Feeny
Ed Kampsen
Jeff Bouley
Charlie Brown

Day 2 Final Winners
1stAl Simpler
2ndCharlie Brown

Day 2 Relay Winners
Charlie Brown
Larry Malinoski
Ken York
Al Simpler