Eric Bostrom wins Florida 1,000 Yard Gong Championship

From left to right: Eric Bostrom (1st), Larry Tolksdorf (2nd), and Alex Wheeler (3rd)

Myakka City, FL - October 7, 2012 - Congratulations to Eric Bostrom for winning the 2012 Florida State 1,000 Yard Gong Championship. Eric was shooting a 6MM Dasher with Savage target action, Kriger barrel, and NightForce scope. His rifle also had one of his custom 6 inch stocks and rest as well as an RAS TB-250 tuner-brake. Larry Tolksdorf placed second with a 6MM Dasher with Savage target action, Kriger barrel, NightForce scope, and RAS TB-250 tuner-brake. Alex Wheeler placed third shooting a 6MM Dasher with a BAT action and one of Bostrom's 4 inch tracker stocks. Ken York placed fourth with a 6 MM Dasher with a Savage action, McGowen barrel, RAS TB-150 Tuner, and one of Bostrom's 4 inch tracker stocks.

The rain held off long enough to complete the event, but previous rains throughout the week made painting the gongs in between relays difficult. On the fourth relay of the first day the jeep that went to paint the gongs got stuck in the mud. We sent a Dodge 4wd truck to help and it got stuck as well. Another 4wd Dodge truck and then a Chevy got stuck. Finally all four had to be dug out by hand before shooting could resume an hour later.

Overall Championship Winners
1stEric Bostrom
2ndLarry Tolksdorf
3rdAlex Wheeler
4thKen York

Day 1 Final Winners
1stEric Bostrom
2ndKen York

Day 1 Relay Winners
Tom Anderson
Al Simpler
Alan Cummings
Ken York

Day 2 Final Winners
1stAlex Wheeler
2ndLarry Tolksdorf

Day 2 Relay Winners
Tom Anderson
Alex Wheeler
Larry Tolksdorf
Mit Shattuck

Most of the 33 shooters

Eric's winning rifle - 6MM Dasher with custom 6 inch stock and rest